Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Drawing Time-Lapses Dance

Greetings dear ones who like to follow the process of how Laurie Maves ART is made.

I'm attempting to make a daily drawing and document the process via time-lapse photography. These pieces are intended to be loose, light, inspirational and experimental in regards to mixing media. If there is a subject matter you wish to see reproduced here on paper, please let me know your ideas.

Happy Tuesday!
time lapse 1


time lapse 2


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Laurie Maves ARTsy Vlog 2.19.14

Here's the wrap-up of this month's "Rose Series," making work that I'm called to do, and the Red Blood Cell paintings called "love Inside our cells"

Monday, February 3, 2014

"The Rose Series," drawings offered February 2014

Not that I could be looking for anything more in life. I have a rich and abundance-filled existence right now! BUT!!! I seem to need more. I've got a dear friend who always says, "I don't need it all, i just want more..."
So I don't know exactly what that means for me.
I know it has to do with sharing my art with those that need it.
Many find it healing.
And I know in my heart it's my life's purpose - making images and messages via paintings and drawings for people.

On this trek of sharing my gifts with all of you through this amazing tool of social media, during the month of February, I will be offering daily drawings inspired by some spiritual teachings I have been drawn to over the past year. One of these drawings already found a home. As if the piece was made specifically for a dear friend of mine, Bernadette Slowey.

These messages are not mine. I made these drawings while listening to someone else's teachings. But they are all about love, light, growth, and expansion.

I don't even know how this will work. And some images may not reach anyone in particular. A friend of mine told me I should make a book of these images, so I will diligently document each image before it goes out the door.

But I feel they are too important to stay on a stack on my work table. So out they will come. One by One into the world. Maybe one will come to you. I don't know if I will even "charge" for them. I'm thinking I will take donations by what you think they are worth, what you can afford. All of your monies will go into a pool to buy more supplies for the studio, so that I can make more images as they come into my brain.

I will call them "The Rose Series," inspired by a girl that I have never met, but one that is trying to reach us all, to let us know we all have a path on this earth, and to follow our hearts in the process.

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