Friday, January 15, 2016

is there life on Mars? art that reflects on the life of David Bowie

It's just when you believe those beings on the planet are from another planet, they remind you that they really are in fact, mortal, and their life is finite with us on Earth.
I will miss David Bowie and all that he stood for terribly. The creative chances he took, the unfiltered and all-in love affair he has/had with Iman and his courage to do things no one else had to do. He was an inspiration to millions near and far.
When a creative loss like this happens, we are drawn to do what we can with what we have. I have paints and pencils and canvases, so I'm making a series of paintings to honor the life and work of David Bowie. This small quest of mine started with a stylized portrait you see here: 
"we can be heroes" 19"x29" mixed media on canvas on wood, wired and ready to hang - the original is available for purchase. message the artist for details
And now I'm working on the "Looking For Starman" paintings and mixed media works. Someone this week asked me what these are about, and you know I'm not quite sure what the answer is. These images seem to be abstracted cairns, stones, spacemen, starmen, interplanetary items, satellites...? They are all based in my circle form that I have used throughout the past decade or more of paintings. I know these paintings have to do with maps, and how do we find our way in life? In this life?  This process happens to me sometimes - that I'm drawn to make a certain image or series of images and I have to make them over and over again until I'm completely worn out by them. But for now...the "Looking For Starman," paintings will continue.
a series of 4 paintings and mixed media collage works with poured epoxy, each is 13"x22" on repurposed wood 
"someone to watch over me," 12"x12" mixed media on canvas. Paintings from this series are available for purchase on my Vango ART webpage
"sound and vision," 12"x12" mixed media on canvas.
clockwise from top left "Show me the way," "I built this cairn for you," "Looking for Starman," and "Finding my balance," each 13"x22" on repurporsed wood. Wired and ready to hang
Thank you for continuing to read my posts. Please share when you feel moved to, and I always appreciate your feedback from the LinkedIn Community about my artwork and creative journey as a fine artist.

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