Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Arriving Here, Leaving 2014

Today being the last day of the year I tend to embark on a life review - I'm sure like many others. What have I done with my life? Where am I headed? How am I doing as a mom? What to paint next? How to make the work better, how to reach more it ever enough? Am I ever going to do or be enough??? (something my dear friend, Bernadette Slowey and I often talk about.) I spent the better part of yesterday reviewing almost a decade's worth of work posted online - some of it lovely, but honestly most of it I could do without. There's the inner critic for you. But I always come back to the fact that you can't get there from here. Everyday you have to be here. Here. Here. And every moment is now. Now. Now. And I could have never arrived at Circles, had I not painted Venuses, poppies, and Lollipop Figures on cliffs, then daisies, then orbs, then Circles. You can only get here, from where you are. 
Today's featured painting is my favorite Circle painting of 2014, appropriately entitled, "My Favorite Circle Painting." I love the lightness of being of it, it feels happy - the floating bubbles of possibility. It feels grounded and strong. It knows color and all the ins and outs and endless combinations.
I thank you all for an amazing 2014, and also for an amazing life thus far. I am truly blessed to be spending the majority of the hours of the day doing what I love to do - ever since I was a child, and that is to create.
I look forward to 2015, all the new paintings that will be made, all the new experiences I will have with you at my side, and all the new places we will arrive at together called "here." Happy New Year!
"my favorite circle painting" mixed media on canvas, 40"x40", 2014
all rights reserved by Laurie Maves ART

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

end of Year Frida SALE

"Metamorphosis Frida" 
was recently purchased by Kaiser Permanente.
The painting will join their permanent collection of 
Colorado Artists.
I am so very honored to bring you this announcement!

To celebrate this accomplishment, I am offering the remaining 2013 Frida Kahlo portraits
and these three smaller ones from 2014 
(pictured below)

at a reduced rate of 20% off their original pricing now through 12/31/14. Portraits range in size of 16"x16" up to 30"x40".  Prices range from $350 to $1200 (before applying sale discount).  Purchase inquires please contact the artist at her email : laurie (at) 


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Holiday Open House 12/3/14

2014 is almost over - to celebrate this year, the upcoming holidays and to ring in the new, I'm hosting a Holiday Open House this Wednesday from 3-7 pm.

Charlotte Piper of Dragonfly Oracle will be here as well, offering Oracle Card Readings - similar in a way to Tarot Card readings. A reading can be a fabulous way to confirm a direction you want your life to head in, to celebrate where you are, and possibly how best to overcome a present struggle you may be experiencing.

 Lots of fabulous ART to choose from - I actually counted and have close to 75 original artworks in the studio. From miniatures 5"x5" framed pieces to large wall canvas murals, old and new work will be available - for ANY budget, seriously! :)

Here's a video to catch a sneak peek at other items for sale - all hand made with love! :)
Hope to see you :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Now buy my art directly from Instagram

Look what's new for @LaurieMavesART on my Instagram page: click HERE 

I post new work almost daily. And now you can buy the work I'm posting directly from Instagram! I'm so super duper excited! It's super safe - you don't have to keep a credit card on file and go shop! Just in time for the holidays:  Here's more of the scoop directly from the source called Pay With Penny:

Shop now directly over our Instagram! Look for posts tagged #paywithpenny. See something you want? Just comment #sold to buy and it’s yours. 
How does it work?
We’ve partnered with Penny, a service that helps you easily shop Instagram. Look for our posts tagged #paywithpenny. We’ll include a short description of the product and a price in the comments. See something you want? Just comment #sold to buy and Penny will follow up to take care of the rest. It’s super easy and once you’ve signed up with Penny once you’ll never have to add your info again.
Is it safe? 
Absolutely! Penny uses a payment processor that is safe and uses industry-leading  security standards, and your contact information will never be shared with anyone other than the sellers you buy from.
How do I sign up?
Follow us on Instagram to be ready. To sign up with Penny ahead of time, you can go to and log in with your Instagram account.
Here's a fun infographic to explain how to sign up with Penny.
Shout out to Becky Murphy for the awesome infographic and designs check her out at  @beckycmurphy.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Check out my art on Vango

Greetings for this lovely Tuesday afternoon!

There's a great new little - yet growing ART ONLINE SALES website that I am quickly growing to love! Formerly known as ARTtwo50 , Vango is a great place to shop for original and affordable art online. Artists get to submit works that start at a sales range of $100-$250. Once you sell $500 worth of work, you get to move up in a tiered system. I have seen quality work on this site, and have already sold a painting that is currently traveling from my studio in Denver, Colorado to a home in Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. My first official painting to travel to the Middle East.  For that I am most grateful!

What I appreciate about Vango is that I can focus more time on making work, while they help promote my art. When a piece sells, part of their small commission pays for the shipping of the works, so all you have to do is show up at the post office or UPS and drop the work off.
Yes, I know, this sounds like a commercial for their company.
But I have to share what I like as a full time working artist, and this is one site that has worked for me.

Please visit my specific page on the site: 
LaurieMavesART on Vango

Right now I think I have about 16 works for sale, all at crazy affordable pricing for original works.
If you're a working artist, I hope you take the time to check out their system, and maybe it will be a great fit for you.  If you're a collector, then I hope you find some great art on there for yourself! 
In the meantime, I thank you for continuing to read my blogs, and I hope you enjoy the new works - Like these newest Poppies shown below as well as a new set of abstracts that I have uploaded to the site with the titles "Spirit," "Free All Every One" and "Love Inside My Mind"
"We Grow With Light and Love" 24"x24"

"When I Find My Light Poppies" 24"x18"
"Spirit" 12"x12"

"Free All Every One" 12"x12"

"Love Inside My Mind" 12"x12"

Monday, October 6, 2014

10/6/14 featured painting

10/6/14 today's featured painting, in preparation for the upcoming Day of the Dead holiday, this is one of my favorites from years past (2008) "So This Is The Nw Year Estrellas and All" mixed media on wood. Prints, greeting cards and phone cases available. Happy Monday!

Fine Art America link to image

Friday, October 3, 2014

Center of Attention Artist Laurie Maves

In case you missed the live interview on Denver's Fox 31 from September 19, 2014, here is the video for your review. I hope you enjoy the segment.

I was truly honored to be a part of their GoodDay Colorado show :)

And thank you to Zachary Reese of for selecting my work for the show.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

"Remember Me" with the Love Inside Our Cells Paintings - by Laurie Maves...

be as healthy as you can

by any means necessary

Happy Thursday

Today's Featured Paintings

from the Love Inside Our Cells Series


mixed media on canvas

Monday, August 25, 2014

Dialogs of the Heart, Love Poppies

This painting needs a home or a transformation.
(which is a great metaphor for many of us walking the planet at this moment)

About 4'x6', acrylic on canvas
this painting was exhibited at a conference in Boulder, Colorado, a few years ago featuring Jennifer Hough of The Wide Awakening
and don Miguel Ruiz  (the four agreements) info

if this painting speaks to you,
please connect with me today.
that is, no later than 3 pm MST.

Many blessings to you on your journey
of finding a home within
and embracing transformation when life requires.



Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Today's featured Frida

"She's Free to Fly"
mixed media on tar paper.
approx. 36"x36"

For more information on this painting, please see the Laurie Maves ART page on Fine Art America

All remaining Frida portraits from this series are being offered for the sale price of $710 for the

month of August (as part of my birthday sale) :)



Monday, August 4, 2014

Frida Kahlo Fantasy? no - it's for REAL

For the month of August I will be running a most special birthday sale of the remaining original mixed media #FridaKahlo portraits made one year ago this month. Because I was born in 1971, the sale will be for $710 for each piece. This is a truly remarkable opportunity to purchase pieces from a great series of 12 paintings. For ownership opportunities, please private message the artist. 

Thank you  Happy August. Happy Birthday to me, and Happy Art Collecting! 

For more information on specific sizes and original prices of the remaining portraits, please visit my Fine Art America Gallery of the Love For Frida Collection: 

FAA Frida Gallery link click here

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Laurie Maves ART swimming with whale skarks

My most recent endeavor involved a bunch of prep work and therapy and saving my dollars to make this trip happen. So here's to overcoming your fears, whatever they may be. Get up, get going and overcome!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

EbAy ART sales roll at $.99

Can you believe that title of this blog?
you betcha!!!
I've got lots of the work in the studio.
I'm a self-proclaimed prolific artist.
I've got to move art this summer to make room in the studio for new works.
New Healthy Cell paintings and new Dragonfly and Metamorphosis paintings.
So yes, I'm practically giving the work away, and that's great for you and great for me because I get to share what I make with the world, and you can buy it for a price of your choosing.
So check out my LAURIE MAVES ART page on EBAY: 

Laurie Maves ART ebay page

and here are some of the works going like hotcakes:

Friday, July 18, 2014

EBAY sales and Gratitude

Hello Summer and 2014!
We're halfway through the summer and the year for that matter, so what better way to say "thank you" to the universe than to move some artwork. You will find a handful of drawings and mixed media works offered on EBAY this summer from $.99 to $699. If any of the pieces speak to you, then communicate with me. I'm here on this planet to make your painting, and hopefully you can find that one image that you connect with on a deeper, spiritual and joyful level.

Here's the link for the USTREAM broadcast where I show the works that are for sale on EBAY now through July 24th, 

and here's the link to my EBAY page where you can find at least 15 works for sale at this time:

and below you will see the pieces that are all starting at $.99 bids. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Today's featured paintings posted on Pinterest

Yes yes yes
A whole new way of posting to the masses via social media
A daily featured work of art will be posted via My Pinterest pages.
So for those of you who shy away from that crazy Facebook site or fear the Tweet, just stroll on over to Pinterest. If you like art, you'll probably love this site because it's visually driven. 


Thursday, June 26, 2014

June ART Sale #18

Today's Featured #JuneARTSale painting - honoring #TBT  an oldie but a a goodie from 2008, "Lollipop Love #1" yes - its the first one of a long line of these paintings. approx 32"x34" mixed media on wood. Orig $750 - msg me your offer for ownership today. XOXO Happy Thursday 

for more information about this piece or for print options, please visit my page on the Fine Art America Site: 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June art sale #17

Were almost to the end of the June Art Sale! 

Today's featured painting is called 
"The wonder of our possibility" 
Framed to 16"x20"
Orig $225
Msg me your offer for purchase and ownership 


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June ART SALE #16

Today's featured ART piece from my on-going June ART Sale:

"Love Hits You When You Least Expect It"
mixed media on tar paper
originally $252
make your offer to today

The Laurie Maves JUNE ART SALE will end this Friday. 
Get your piece from the "Entitled Series" today.
For more information about the series and what works remain available
for purchase, please visit:

Friday, June 13, 2014

June Art Sale #9

Find Me Somebody to Love 
Mixed media on paper
Orig $500 
Msg me your offer for purchase opportunities!
 Hail Onward and Upward for the June Art Sale!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Today's June Art Sale #8

My Life As Ice Cream
Mixed media on canvas 
Orig $200

For more information on this piece please visit:

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June Art Sale item #6

I Will Mot Abandon Me 
Mixed media on canvas 
Originally from the Dolce Vita Series I'm including this and a few others in the June Art Sale. This painting exhibited in a show in Torino Italy last summer. Now showing at Three Cutters on Pearl in a mini Laurie Maves Art Denver, Colorado, exhibition.
Originally $800. Please private message me your sale price. Ships

Monday, June 9, 2014

#JuneArtSale #5 "message"

Good Morning Art Lovers! Today's featured painting for my continuing #JuneArtSale is this mixed media piece called "Message". What messages do you bring to the world today? #motivationmonday #art 12"x12" on canvas. Orig $350 message me your desired sale price for ownership. Ships internationally from #Denver, Colorado. Xo

Thursday, June 5, 2014

#4 June Art Sale

Let Love Overcome
Mixed media on wood
Originally $576
Msg me your offer today for my continuing June ART Sale 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

#3 artwork from the #JuneArtSale

"Find Me"
mixed media on canvas 12"x12" originally $300.  Suggested sale price today, $210.
Gotta get some original ART :)
Here's the link to see the piece in detail:
"Find Me" artwork

every day in June a new work will be posted from the "Entitled"Series
See the entire series here:

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

#2 artwork from #JuneArtSale

Todays featured artwork from my "Entitled" series is called, "when I look I see it's you" m/m on paper 11"x15". Retail originally $165. Sale price $105. Please msg me for purchase options. Ships internationally. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Sale item #1 for #JuneArtSale

Here's the link for more information about the first piece I am offering this month for my big June Art Sale.
The piece is called "Love Let it Consume You" 24"x24" m/m on wood. wired and ready to hang. Retail $576. What's your sale price?
Love Let It Consume You image

to see the entire gallery of items for sale from my "Entitled" series - you can visit my Fine Art America Site:
"Entitled" gallery of images for the June ART sale

Thursday, May 29, 2014

A very special summer sale...ART

here I am standing with a handful of works from my "Entitled" series in 2013.

It's almost June.
The studio is full.
I'm making a whole new series of "Healthy Cell" paintings.
It's time to move some artwork.

I've always said, "I'm in the business of making artwork, not storing it."
therefore, the time has come for another miraculous Laurie Maves ARTsy SALE.  

Throughout the entire month of June, I will be offering 20 pieces from my "Entitled" series. Some framed, some unframed, some on canvas, some on paper. Original prices on all of these pieces ranged from $175 - $900. Now is when the party begins...for You!.

I will be promoting this sale with a different featured piece every morning on Twitter (@LaurieMavesArt #JuneArtSale #Entitled). Don't worry. If you're not one of those social media bugs, it's ok. I will be posting them on my blog as well - right here on Blogger.  The piece for sale that day will have an original price attached to it. If that price seems fair and suits your budget, then go ahead and pull the trigger.  If you love the piece, but simply can't swing it financially at the moment, let me know what you can afford, and we'll see if we can make a deal.

I've had ARTsy sales like this in the past. 6 months ago I ran the ART Stealio Dealio, and that was very successful at not only helping me make more room in my studio for new works, it also allowed for a number of art collectors and Laurie Maves ART fans to get some original artwork at prices they could afford.

So be on the lookout for June deals and summer fun and remember, giving the gift of original artwork always brings smiles. 


P.S. to see some of the other works available from my "Entitled" Series, visit my page on Fine Art America

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Painting and Drawing Process in the Laurie Maves ART studio

Here's just a bit of the process of making pieces from my "Entitled" series.

This one captured is one of my favorites - called "Love Is."

The completed piece is 16"x20" mixed media on paper.

After layers and layers of paint, chalk, and pencil, the finished piece you can see below:

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