Thursday, May 29, 2014

A very special summer sale...ART

here I am standing with a handful of works from my "Entitled" series in 2013.

It's almost June.
The studio is full.
I'm making a whole new series of "Healthy Cell" paintings.
It's time to move some artwork.

I've always said, "I'm in the business of making artwork, not storing it."
therefore, the time has come for another miraculous Laurie Maves ARTsy SALE.  

Throughout the entire month of June, I will be offering 20 pieces from my "Entitled" series. Some framed, some unframed, some on canvas, some on paper. Original prices on all of these pieces ranged from $175 - $900. Now is when the party begins...for You!.

I will be promoting this sale with a different featured piece every morning on Twitter (@LaurieMavesArt #JuneArtSale #Entitled). Don't worry. If you're not one of those social media bugs, it's ok. I will be posting them on my blog as well - right here on Blogger.  The piece for sale that day will have an original price attached to it. If that price seems fair and suits your budget, then go ahead and pull the trigger.  If you love the piece, but simply can't swing it financially at the moment, let me know what you can afford, and we'll see if we can make a deal.

I've had ARTsy sales like this in the past. 6 months ago I ran the ART Stealio Dealio, and that was very successful at not only helping me make more room in my studio for new works, it also allowed for a number of art collectors and Laurie Maves ART fans to get some original artwork at prices they could afford.

So be on the lookout for June deals and summer fun and remember, giving the gift of original artwork always brings smiles. 


P.S. to see some of the other works available from my "Entitled" Series, visit my page on Fine Art America

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Painting and Drawing Process in the Laurie Maves ART studio

Here's just a bit of the process of making pieces from my "Entitled" series.

This one captured is one of my favorites - called "Love Is."

The completed piece is 16"x20" mixed media on paper.

After layers and layers of paint, chalk, and pencil, the finished piece you can see below:

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