Wednesday, March 8, 2017

a pocket full of artful empathy

Historically I made paintings about people, places or things. Representational art that was always about somebody, somewhere or something. I never really cared for abstract paintings much, because I could never bother to understand them, or even try for that matter. 
My life went though a series of over hauls the past decade. Maybe that's just what happens to everyone, and it just feels "especially over-bearing," because when shit happens in your own life, you just tend to feel it more. And that's really what I needed and wanted to do, was to "feel more."
At this same time I started to tackle the "abstract" painting, because I wanted to understand it, wrap my head around it and was tired of being afraid of it. So I jumped right into painting color, without trying to paint a person, place or thing. Just color...and possibly dare I say "feelings?" 
And so this is where I have landed in my studio for the time being. When I am not being commissioned to make paintings about families, the Rocky Mountains, and poppies, I am making paintings about energy, color, love and empathy. 
A friend just recommended I pick up the book, "Tiny Beautiful Things, Advice on love and life from Dear Sugar," by Cheryl Strayed. Somehow my paintings, or my writing about my paintings evoked her to evoke me to get this book and get reading. And so I did. And the stories and concepts and ideas in this book of "advice," make all the sense in the world to me - and why I paint the way I have for the past decade. In trying to get real, to feel more, and to not be afraid of things I don't understand, has encouraged me to delve into the universe of painting abstracts. The larger the better. And oh how I love where I'm at right now with my "life's work," and am grateful to be a working artist every day that I'm still living and breathing.
I hope you enjoy my latest painting, "Dear Sugar, (A Pocket of Delights)." And thank you, Cheryl Strayed, for writing some real good shit.
"Dear Sugar, a Pocket of Delights" 60"x60" mixed media on canvas, 2017, all rights reserved by Laurie Maves ART

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