Monday, December 4, 2017

Artwork for addressing grief and loss, that might also provide closure

I heard the song "You Get What You Give" by the New Radicals yesterday while sitting by the water having lunch. Boats were coming and going. My husband and I were taking a friend back to the airport after a short stay at our Florida home. This song always brings me back to Sherry.

Sherry was a dear friend of mine that who lost her battle with breast cancer a few years ago. While in the midst of her fight, I made a painting for her, and after her passing, I revisited the time lapse video I made simultaneously, which documented the process of the painting as it developed.

Hearing that song, yesterday, reminded me of this painting for Sherry, as well as the time lapse video. To this day, I tear up when I watch this video. I think about Sherry and what an amazing woman she was and how many children she helped as a social worker in the education system. She is missed dearly, but has also left a great legacy in the positive encouragements and support she offered the students she so selflessly worked with.

While living in Sarasota, I have connected with a couple of very dear women who work with grief and loss as well as provide opportunities and events that focus on the honoring and celebration of life. After seeing this video again, I realized that I need to let people know that this creative expression of love is something I can offer others going through their own grief and loss.

So today - I do just that. I offer this service, making the painting as well as the time lapse to clients who may be looking for alternative ways to honor and celebrate a loved one, as well as to add to the process of closure in an artful and creative way. If this is something that resonates with you, please let me know. We can begin the process of making something very special for you or your family today.

For more information, please visit my Laurie Maves ART website and go to the contact section to connect with me. Or simply leave me a message here. Thanks so much and have a beautiful Monday. 

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Migration Painting Exhibition underway in Florida

"March of the Flamingos, Stairway to Heaven"
acrylic on canvas
all rights reserved

Galleria Mare in Nokomis, Florida, will be hosting my series of 20 abstract paintings and mixed media works on canvas and paper from 11/16/17 through the end of January 2018.   All of the works are from my "Migration Series" - works which focus on themes of relocation, movement and life change. The colors of the plants and animals of the Gulf of Mexico and tropical environments can be seen in the works as well as reflections of weather, rain and even with the devastation of hurricanes, a realization that life can be illuminated with light and hope once again.

Galleria Mare
is located at
801 S. Tamiami Trail, Nokomis, Florida
(above Cafe Evergreen)

"March of the Spoonbills"
acrylic on canvas
all rights reserved
"In Search of Tom Petty"
acrylic on canvas
all rights reserved

Monday, June 26, 2017

nothing to show except progress

Since moving to Sarasota, Florida I have been working diligently on my latest series of paintings all dealing with the theme of Migration. I hope you enjoy watching these mixed media works on paper roll out. All pieces are available for purchase either direct from the artist or via Vango, an online art gallery. Have a beautiful Sunday, and I hope what remains of the month of June is kind to you and filled with blessings. Here is a sampling to date:

all rights reserved by the artist, Laurie Maves Guglielmi of Laurie Maves ART

Monday, June 5, 2017

Laurie Maves ART on Migration and living in Sarasota, Florida

Recently I moved my painting studio and home from Denver, Colorado to Sarasota, Florida. I have been in Florida for about a month now, and the change in climate is truly the kind of change I was hoping for. Dramatic, thick, rich, colorful and predictably unpredictable. The sunshine state can be sunny, but it can also be rainy, cloudy, humid, but most undeniably colorful. And this is the one aspect which I have quickly grown to love in 30 short days. Everywhere you look, the greens of the plant life, the colors of the flowers, the movement of the birds and fish are all amazing to me. I am beginning to capture these in my latest and expanding series of works simply entitled, "Migration." 
"Migration Series #3," mixed media and collage on paper, 11"x15", 2017, all rights reserved by Laurie Maves ART

Following below is a short video that I created to introduce my work to my collectors via the Vango Art Online Gallery: Laurie Maves ART on Vango
I hope you enjoy my latest series of abstract paintings about color, life change and transition...and yes, migration

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

a pocket full of artful empathy

Historically I made paintings about people, places or things. Representational art that was always about somebody, somewhere or something. I never really cared for abstract paintings much, because I could never bother to understand them, or even try for that matter. 
My life went though a series of over hauls the past decade. Maybe that's just what happens to everyone, and it just feels "especially over-bearing," because when shit happens in your own life, you just tend to feel it more. And that's really what I needed and wanted to do, was to "feel more."
At this same time I started to tackle the "abstract" painting, because I wanted to understand it, wrap my head around it and was tired of being afraid of it. So I jumped right into painting color, without trying to paint a person, place or thing. Just color...and possibly dare I say "feelings?" 
And so this is where I have landed in my studio for the time being. When I am not being commissioned to make paintings about families, the Rocky Mountains, and poppies, I am making paintings about energy, color, love and empathy. 
A friend just recommended I pick up the book, "Tiny Beautiful Things, Advice on love and life from Dear Sugar," by Cheryl Strayed. Somehow my paintings, or my writing about my paintings evoked her to evoke me to get this book and get reading. And so I did. And the stories and concepts and ideas in this book of "advice," make all the sense in the world to me - and why I paint the way I have for the past decade. In trying to get real, to feel more, and to not be afraid of things I don't understand, has encouraged me to delve into the universe of painting abstracts. The larger the better. And oh how I love where I'm at right now with my "life's work," and am grateful to be a working artist every day that I'm still living and breathing.
I hope you enjoy my latest painting, "Dear Sugar, (A Pocket of Delights)." And thank you, Cheryl Strayed, for writing some real good shit.
"Dear Sugar, a Pocket of Delights" 60"x60" mixed media on canvas, 2017, all rights reserved by Laurie Maves ART

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"Interstellar" A Timelapse Painting Transformation by Laurie Maves ART

This video is about the transformation of one of Laurie Maves' abstract paintings from 2015. The latter part of 2015 was one of the most difficult periods in her personal life. A time of disappointment and defeat, her paintings could only reflect as much. But as time provides healing for most everyone, transforming paintings serve as a similar bandaid. "Burden of Proof" is the inital painting one sees in this video, complete with words from the poem writting on the painting. Healing from emotional burdens, Maves believes needs to begin at the cellular level. As many of her paintings are about the circle, a metaphor for cellular transformation, this painting includes a celestial component as well. And perhaps our cellular transformation comes only with the help and the intervention of the divine, which seems to be at the very least, celestial, as well as interstellar in nature. For more information on Laurie Maves' abstract paintings, please visit her website @LaurieMavesART

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Finding Divinity in Painting, GOTTLICHKEIT by Laurie Maves ART Large Ver...

This painting is currently available for viewing and acquisition at @Artwork Network Gallery and Event Center, located in the Santa Fe Arts District, Denver, Colorado

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Original Artwork Makes a GREAT VALENTINE gift!

So many of my artworks, paintings and mixed media pieces are about LOVE. I never get tired of creating images on this theme. It's my way of trying to make this crazy world we live in a kinder and gentler place.
This week only in February, and just in time for VALENTINES DAY, you can purchase Laurie Maves original artworks on my VANGO ART PAGE for LAURIE MAVES ART at 10% OFF normal retail pricing.
I hope you can find the perfect way to say "i love u," with this artwork. Have a beautiful February!

Dear Blessed Sacred Heart of Mine
mixed media on gessoed paper
sale price $90
Link to purchase

Our Love Grows and Grows
mixed media on gessoed paper
sale price $90
Link to purchase

Love in All Things
mixed media on gessoed paper
sale price $180
Link to purchase

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cleaning house ='s art for you

Now that a new year is here, it's my annual studio cleaning and clearing time. I have this crazy and ridiculous habit of being prolific when it comes to my art-making. I have so many images, themes and ideas I want to express that I often get ahead of my market. I know that's never a real great reason to slow or to stop producing, but there's a practical side to how much art that I can store at any given time.

Hence it's time to "clean house," so to speak.
Here are just a few of the pieces I need to find homes for. And if you find that you have a personal interest in any of these, please send me a private message. I am taking bids and donations from a wide and economically diverse client base. Please, if you do find something that speaks to you, I ask that you do not concern yourself with the possible notion that you may not be able to afford original artwork. I historically use sliding scales and work with interested folks to get them the art that they want at an amount they can afford. At the end of the day, when "cleaning house," I am more satisfied when my artwork gets a home that appreciates art, then what $ amount the piece brought.

Venus and the Ponte Vecchio, 6'x6' mixed media on unstretched canvas, 2014

Love in All Things, 16"x20" mixed media on gessoed paper, 2016

I'd Like to Be Unstoppable With You, 60"x66" mixed media on unstretched canvas, 2015

Already In My Heart, 16"x20" mixed media on gessoed paper, 2016

We Go When Heaven Calls, 40"x40" mixed media on canvas, wired and ready to hang, 2016

Migration, 60"x60" mixed media on unstretched canvas, 2016

Burden of Proof, about 36"x50", mixed media on unstretched canvas, 2015
any work that you find here: Laurie Maves Art SHOP any of the works marked "ORIGINAL" are also possibly available. 
Thank you for your consideration in helping me with the daunting task of "cleaning house," as well as helping me to find homes for my paintings and artworks that currently number over 30+.
Have a blessed and prosperous new year!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2019 Here I Come, an artist new year's resolution

I'm sure you've read enough of the 2017 posts and resolution blogs by now, so I thought I'd approach this year by envisioning what I want for my life in 2019 and encourage you to do as well. 
I have a cryptic tortoise tattoo on my right shoulder. I got it over a decade ago and it was meant to symbolize how I, like the Tortoise and the Hare story, embrace the phrase, "slow and steady wins the race."
But honestly I'm tired of the race. The rat race indeed that most of us get sucked into one way or another. Most of us who bother to be on LinkedIn or other social media platforms because we are constantly driven to connect and get "our message," "our product," "our story," out to whomever wants to bother to read about it. 
I paint. I draw. I post. I blog. 
I paint. I draw. I post. I blog.
You get the picture.
The real reason I do all of this is because I want to share what I make with you because years ago people began buying my work and kept saying it was fabulous and they loved it and thank you for making your art, etc etc. and so I've got these habits of grinding out hundreds and thousands of images, in hopes that you or any other person on the planet just might find an image of mine that speaks to you or them and brings peace, wonder, joy, happiness, and/or love.
So as I keep on keepin' on for 2017 as I am still living and breathing, I plan on making art until 2019. And if at that point all of the world has had its fill of Laurie Maves ART, then I might just hang up the brush and pick up a fishing pole!
"Everything I Do, I Do It All For You," mixed media on canvas panel, 11"x14" is available for acquisition here: on my Vango Page with 65 other original works for sale

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