Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cleaning house ='s art for you

Now that a new year is here, it's my annual studio cleaning and clearing time. I have this crazy and ridiculous habit of being prolific when it comes to my art-making. I have so many images, themes and ideas I want to express that I often get ahead of my market. I know that's never a real great reason to slow or to stop producing, but there's a practical side to how much art that I can store at any given time.

Hence it's time to "clean house," so to speak.
Here are just a few of the pieces I need to find homes for. And if you find that you have a personal interest in any of these, please send me a private message. I am taking bids and donations from a wide and economically diverse client base. Please, if you do find something that speaks to you, I ask that you do not concern yourself with the possible notion that you may not be able to afford original artwork. I historically use sliding scales and work with interested folks to get them the art that they want at an amount they can afford. At the end of the day, when "cleaning house," I am more satisfied when my artwork gets a home that appreciates art, then what $ amount the piece brought.

Venus and the Ponte Vecchio, 6'x6' mixed media on unstretched canvas, 2014

Love in All Things, 16"x20" mixed media on gessoed paper, 2016

I'd Like to Be Unstoppable With You, 60"x66" mixed media on unstretched canvas, 2015

Already In My Heart, 16"x20" mixed media on gessoed paper, 2016

We Go When Heaven Calls, 40"x40" mixed media on canvas, wired and ready to hang, 2016

Migration, 60"x60" mixed media on unstretched canvas, 2016

Burden of Proof, about 36"x50", mixed media on unstretched canvas, 2015
any work that you find here: Laurie Maves Art SHOP any of the works marked "ORIGINAL" are also possibly available. 
Thank you for your consideration in helping me with the daunting task of "cleaning house," as well as helping me to find homes for my paintings and artworks that currently number over 30+.
Have a blessed and prosperous new year!

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