Friday, May 24, 2013

New Studio Grand Opening

Well the time has finally arrived.  After many visionboards, and praying and hoping and praying, I have finally moved into the warehouse studio of my dreams. To celebrate this lifetime accomplishment, please join me for my GRAND OPENING SHINDIG!

Friday June 28, 2013 
2590 W. 2nd Avenue, Unit 5B
Denver, Colorado  80219 
5- 8 pm.  

We will have artwork, music by Little Blue Feather, and a brilliant Art Experience led by Alyssa Graves of Art on the Brix. There's so much more to come in addition to my everyday office and painting studio...private classes and open studio time, painting workshops, house concerts, photo shoots, inspirational presentations, creative writing workshops, warehouse yoga and more...Holy COW! are you ready to get this party started? 

Hope to see you and yours. You won't believe your eyes!

Monday, May 13, 2013

In Your Eyes Sees Elementary

One of my elementary school classmates asked me about this painting this past week.
I was honored that he not only had reached out to tell me he had recently purchased a print from me, but also that he particularly enjoyed this piece, my "In Your Eyes" painting, directly inspired by the song of Peter Gabriel. While I do not have prints of this entire painting for sale, I do have segments still available. Some large and some 5"x7". I even have some ACEO's (2.5"x3.5") left that i sell on EBAY from time to time.

I wanted to post this blog today for my friend James Marston. Because we go so way back, I just had to make that interaction special.

Hope you all have a fabulous Monday.
Keep rockin the paradise - and livin your life with purpose.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Studio move

Well folks we're in the final stretch of my miraculous studio move. For the last five years I had been working out of the Santa Fe Arts District. And for the past three years I had enjoyed having my space in the basement of a brilliant yoga studio. Although it was a basement, the space was huge and one definite perk was an "all access" pass to daily yoga. This, I will most definitely miss.
But now my new space will be in a warehouse district just a little over a mile west of my last studio. And what I can't seem to get over is that previously I was surrounded by bendy girls and incense and the soundings of OM. NOW my new studio, which is located at 2590 w 2nd avenue unit 5B in Denver, shares walls with Platinum Renovations, a contractor/builder/renovations company.

So from Shakta Yoga to Platinum, I will now see a bunch of guys with boots and hard hats, and I suspect my Spanish is going to improve ten-fold. But this is what you get when your bf is one of the owners of Platinum, and this is what I get after putting 10,000+ hours into my craft.

This nearly 2000 sq ft studio with 16 ft walls is going to be a Cadillac of painting studios. I cannot wait to share it with you, live stream from my desk, and host all kinds of creatives in my space from other artists to yogis to musicians to writers to whomever! I am ever so grateful the universe is answering my prayers.

I am saddened by the fact that my dear artist friend Karen Adams Charney will not be able to visit in body, but I know her soul and brilliant spirit will visit often. Her giggle, her smile and her hugs will always be with me.

Please look for announcements about a summer opening/celebration of sorts. Until then, keep finding ways to appreciate your daily breath, and to live your life with purpose.

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