Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2019 Here I Come, an artist new year's resolution

I'm sure you've read enough of the 2017 posts and resolution blogs by now, so I thought I'd approach this year by envisioning what I want for my life in 2019 and encourage you to do as well. 
I have a cryptic tortoise tattoo on my right shoulder. I got it over a decade ago and it was meant to symbolize how I, like the Tortoise and the Hare story, embrace the phrase, "slow and steady wins the race."
But honestly I'm tired of the race. The rat race indeed that most of us get sucked into one way or another. Most of us who bother to be on LinkedIn or other social media platforms because we are constantly driven to connect and get "our message," "our product," "our story," out to whomever wants to bother to read about it. 
I paint. I draw. I post. I blog. 
I paint. I draw. I post. I blog.
You get the picture.
The real reason I do all of this is because I want to share what I make with you because years ago people began buying my work and kept saying it was fabulous and they loved it and thank you for making your art, etc etc. and so I've got these habits of grinding out hundreds and thousands of images, in hopes that you or any other person on the planet just might find an image of mine that speaks to you or them and brings peace, wonder, joy, happiness, and/or love.
So as I keep on keepin' on for 2017 as I am still living and breathing, I plan on making art until 2019. And if at that point all of the world has had its fill of Laurie Maves ART, then I might just hang up the brush and pick up a fishing pole!
"Everything I Do, I Do It All For You," mixed media on canvas panel, 11"x14" is available for acquisition here: on my Vango Page with 65 other original works for sale

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