Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Arriving Here, Leaving 2014

Today being the last day of the year I tend to embark on a life review - I'm sure like many others. What have I done with my life? Where am I headed? How am I doing as a mom? What to paint next? How to make the work better, how to reach more it ever enough? Am I ever going to do or be enough??? (something my dear friend, Bernadette Slowey and I often talk about.) I spent the better part of yesterday reviewing almost a decade's worth of work posted online - some of it lovely, but honestly most of it I could do without. There's the inner critic for you. But I always come back to the fact that you can't get there from here. Everyday you have to be here. Here. Here. And every moment is now. Now. Now. And I could have never arrived at Circles, had I not painted Venuses, poppies, and Lollipop Figures on cliffs, then daisies, then orbs, then Circles. You can only get here, from where you are. 
Today's featured painting is my favorite Circle painting of 2014, appropriately entitled, "My Favorite Circle Painting." I love the lightness of being of it, it feels happy - the floating bubbles of possibility. It feels grounded and strong. It knows color and all the ins and outs and endless combinations.
I thank you all for an amazing 2014, and also for an amazing life thus far. I am truly blessed to be spending the majority of the hours of the day doing what I love to do - ever since I was a child, and that is to create.
I look forward to 2015, all the new paintings that will be made, all the new experiences I will have with you at my side, and all the new places we will arrive at together called "here." Happy New Year!
"my favorite circle painting" mixed media on canvas, 40"x40", 2014
all rights reserved by Laurie Maves ART

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