ges·soˈjesō/noun a hard compound of plaster of Paris or whiting in glue, used in sculpture or as a base for gilding or painting on wood.
Both have happened to me, and both are transforming processes. 
When I paint over an older painting, that I no longer want to look at, that I no longer want to be associated with, that I no longer feel connected to, the process can be more than liberating. For me, the "paint over" has become a therapeutic part of my ongoing process as a developing contemporary painter. Images that I have made only a few years ago are often times no longer in sync with where I am spiritually, emotionally, developmentally. And painting over does not nullify or destroy where I have been in my life. The "paint over" acknowledges past status and promotes positive future progression.
When we are stuck in a way of being that is unhealthy, un-motivating, blaming or otherwise non progressing, we stand still. And for me, standing still can mean one of two things: meditation or death.  Both are brilliant and both are life-changing (tongue in cheek).  When I refuse to move, to progress, to evolve, and I am not in a state of mindful meditation or rest, then it's lights out folks. I am one of those humans that has an undying need to transform, to evolve, to progress.  
And sometimes that requires a can of gesso to get the process started. 
The following are all paintings up for paint-overs are from my 2012 exhibition entitled, "Dolce Vita" at the University of Denver's Women's College. If any of these paintings call to you and you are wanting to own one of them, please send me a message and we will make it happen.  Or else they will change and transform, and that's ok too :).
These three totems are available. each about 28"x80" mixed media on reclaimed closet doors, from left to right, "We Stand Alone," "Your Light Blue Towers" and "We Have the Holy Responsibility"
To see them individually click on the links below:
As well as the following two landscapes:
"The Only Way Our is Through" (above) and "My Heart Mends" are also both 80"x28" large but happy paintings wanting a home.
If you're in need of a paint over today, it's ok. You can come to my studio. I have gallons of gesso.