Sunday, November 20, 2016

The election is over.
And many people still cannot avoid engaging in conversations about it.
About who won, about who lost. About walking out, about hope for change. About sadness and disappointments over glass ceilings, about walls going up, coming down, my side vs. your side, vs. no one vs. everyone.
As an artist, freedom of speech truly relates to what I do and what I make and what I share. As a full time artist, I make my living by exercising my freedoms. And people pay me to express their thoughts, ideas and inspirations.
I'm not here to tell you what to do with your thoughts about the outcomes of November 8th. I too have been on winning and losing sides of coin tosses, athletic events, art contests and elections. As I'm sure we all have as human beings.
I am here to tell you however, that my newest mission, and possibly my newest tag line as an artist, will no longer be, "I'm here on this planet to make your painting." Yes I still feel that this is true. But I feel a stronger calling of creating a movement of "stronger together" through spreading Love, Hope and Joy through Artworks. This is what I can offer as an individual. I pledge to no longer whine about my situation or spread ugly thoughts or nastiness because that does not help build a stronger community or better human relations. Empathy is queen. Love is Hope is Joy.

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