Monday, December 12, 2016

A Very Special Commission, "Love For Orangetheory Fitness"

When hired to create a painting for someone, there is always gratitude. When hiring a time lapse as well, there is greater joy in sharing not only the gift of the painting, but also of that of the creative process.
One of my most interesting commissions to date. More and more clients are not only requesting a commissioned painting, they are also hiring a timelapse to be created to document the process of the work. After the client conveys the vision of the image of the painting, including media, size and composition with the artist - whether abstract or representational - the client then provides a song or music artist to to use as additional background inspiration for the making of the painting. Words, phrases and sometimes lyrics are included somewhere in the composition of the artwork.
If you would like to commission a most special gift for your clients, employees, friends or family, please contact the artist via her website for a quote.

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