Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Laurie Maves Art VLog for 3.19.13

My art vlog for 3.19.13
there's always the question for an artist like myself..."am i or am i not accepted by the fine arts community in which i work?" sometimes i feel i'm more of an artist for the people and not for the gallery. after 16 years of living and working and showing my work in and around Denver, i have yet to have any real gallery interest in my work or representation. and what does that matter? i have work, i seem to have a brilliant following, and i lead an amazing life. yet something is still missing in the way i am working. in the way i am showing. in the way i'm accepted by Denver's fine arts community. and how does that shift or change?

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  1. Flora Bowley discussed the topic of galleries, to show or not to show in them, in a recent interview. She currently has a couple galleries in Seattle that represent her, but she splits 50% with them. I’m paraphrasing, but essentially she said, for her, the Internet is the way to go. She reaches more people and sells more art online than her galleries do. Ultimately, I think it comes down to how do we as artists define our success? No gallery can ever validate our creative expression in the world. For that we must look within.


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