Saturday, April 27, 2013

Artist does Paleo

Some of you know I'm a green juicing freak. Kale spinach greens beets lemon blueberries apples are a regular part of my diet. And when I don't juice I always am missing it in my system
After a winter of pasta and wine, however, I'm finding I have too much cheese, in all the wrong places. Cottage Cheese belongs along a side of greens if anywhere and not on my thighs. :( (big sad face)
So hence my decision to venture on a month of paleo. I am consciously choosing to remove starches, sugars and processed crap. I don't have lots of these foods in my diet now. But I could always do better.
There are lots of great articles out there on the paleo diet so ill let you a do the work on your search engines. But if anyone wants to join me and share your progress here on my blog as a guest blogger or on my Facebook page, I whole heartedly welcome that. That way we can share experiences, meals, recipes and tricks of the trade.
Then June will be here and we'll all be beach body ready
Who's with me?

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