Thursday, April 11, 2013

whole thing

It's been a week of blogging time lapses of my large paintings on canvas.  This piece, entitled, "Whole Thing Poppies" was inspired by a group of musicians that put together the project called The Big Blue Ball. In today's blog, I'm including two recorded versions of this song, one sung by Peter Gabriel, the other by the musician Andy White. I had the amazing fortune to meet Andy a couple of years ago, as well as live paint one of his performances at Swallow Hill in Denver, Colorado. I hope you enjoy both videos this morning, and have an awesome rest of your week :)

(I apologize for the shakey start of this video of Andy White, but i'm pretty sure this song moved me to a tear or two that night, the song is just one of those that have that effect on me and to hear it live was over the top)

Andy White's performance

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