Thursday, August 22, 2013

social media hiatus...EEK!

Yes folks, I said, it, I'm taking a self-imposed social media hiatus for the month of September. and the more I think about my plan for this, the more anxiety I feel. I'm on social media all day long, promoting my art, health and artsy doings.  If I take a break, will my clients go away? Will I be forgotten? Will I lose touch with many of my online friends?

The thought of a social media break seems daunting to say the least.

When the love of my life proposed this idea to me last week, I first shuddered to think about what that might mean. He's never on social media, he doesn't know how I rely on Facebook for clients and commissions, he doesn't tweet about his location and how he is being inspired to paint after seeing a Picasso...

And then the more I thought about how much TIME I spend promoting myself, instead of simple focused painting, I realized that this prescription just may be in order for me at this time. I'm on the brink of some new and fascinating work this past month. I've been painting portraits of Frida Kahlo over and over and the work that is evolving is greater in my mind's eye than any work I've ever executed. I'm fascinated by my color choices and layering of paint and chalk. I feel I'm needing an immediate Artist in Residence, but since I've applied for none, I think I'll just make an artsy "Staycation" in my own Denver Studio.

So my plan for September is to toll away at the paint, canvas, chalk, paper, mixed media and see what unfolds...without opening my computer, without posting pictures, without checking for an internet connection. My art comes through my fingertips, and they're getting ready for the workout of their lives.

Please know that you're all invited to visit me in person in my Denver studio, and of course I'll be checking emails and my phone. It would be great to meet many of you face to face, as I've had the recent pleasure of meeting many Facebook friends in the flesh - right there at my new studio. Maybe that great fortune will happen and I won't feel so disconnected.

But to my paintings and my creative works, I will most definitely be connected, inside and out. And I'm looking forward to October when I can share all my efforts with you.

My 8.21.13 artsy VLOG about hiatus

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