Wednesday, February 25, 2015

LUMIA #tileArt Competition with my painting

Hi friends, collectors, and reader of artsy blogs!
Yesterday the voting opened for a #TileART competition on the Talenthouse Website. This has been a great website for artists and creatives to get their work out into the world hoping to be "discovered" on a global scale. I have entered one of my paintings called, "My Most Favorite Circle Painting 2014" into the competition. I continue to be an advocate for real time, real life painters in a digital age, where painting and drawing with paints and pencils may soon be a thing of the past with computers creating most of the art we see online.
I hope you can take a moment to vote for my work. I think it would be fabulous to see a painting on your cell phone, and even better if it is one of mine. The more Laurie Maves ART gains momentum, the more current collectors of my paintings will be pleased with my increasing value in the art marketplace.

Next week look for the #STANFOURCOVER another most important contest I am participating in - trying to win the album ART cover of the German Band STANFOUR's newest album "4" which is scheduled to be released later this spring.

Thank you and Happy Humpday!

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