Friday, June 10, 2016

love and blessings to you

As we roll into summer, it seems that time is always escaping from our fingertips. Everyday at a faster rate than the day, week or month before.  Is time speeding up? Are we as humans walking around the planet really running? Is it all the technology these day? There has always been technology though. Is it because I have reached middle age (whatever that means) and now I'm closer  to the end than the beginning of my existence on the planet?
Who knows!?!
So what I've been doing in response to all the lack of time, is to make smaller and faster paintings and mixed media works on paper. Pieces that I can make a number at one time, so that I have the ability to turn out multiple images with multiple messages. It seems there's never enough time to make all the paintings I am going to want to complete. It seems that there will never be enough time to make enough images to express all the seemingly meaningful messages I wish to share with the world through my artwork.
 And as before - who knows what tomorrow will bring?
If you'd like to check out all these instant speedy yet meaningful works, please give them a gander on my Laurie Maves ART VANGO ART online gallery
I've made pieces to celebrate the Number 8 
and pieces to celebrate "Love and Blessings, "as well as pieces great for father's that express, "We Have So Much Love For You," 
and some that are just about LOVE in general (of course if you follow my blogs that's what most all of my paintings are about).
Sometimes you don't always have to go big or go home. Just go in love, and the rest will follow.
"Love and Blessings to YOU!" and Happy Friday.

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